“Fabulously hilarious TED presentation by Bro KL Lim” – by Sis CJ 2013

“Bro Kelvin Goh has enlightened me on the world of angel investing” – by Ng Boo Jek 2014

I would like to say a big Sadhu! to our brother Tye Kooi and his innovative way of teaching us the dhamma in the business world. Many of our Buddhist friends know two things: how to be a good Buddhist, and how to be a successful businessman, but few can actually combine the two and show the world that we can be both: good Buddhist and also astute businessmen (and women) with good moral principals. Many of us can be either one but seldom can be both.

The very first lesson that Bro. Tye Kooi had given us on “Right View” had pointed out our incorrect view that “good Buddhists should not talk about profit all the time”. Throughout the Buddha’s dispensation he had been supported by very wealthy businessmen, without them the Buddha’s teachings could not have remained until today.

And throughout history in other lands and other religions, the very reason why religions flourish, including Buddhism, is that such religions have been supported by serious practitioners (rich or poor), lay devotees (rich or poor), and even the governments. So we not only need to practice, we also need to survive in a fiercely competitive world, and the support from fellow Buddhists is of utmot importance to each and everyone of us.

Lest you think that sitting there and waiting for support from your other Buddist brothers and sisters is enough, Bro. Tye Kooi had led us through and corrected our misconceptions about Noble Eightfold Path in the other seven modules of doing business the Buddhistic way. At the end of the day, we can be proud of what we do, how we earn our money, and practice along the way with the moral support from our fellow brothers and sisters. Making the Right Effort every step of the way is very important for all of us.

Thank you once again Bro. Tye Kooi for delivering the excellent lessons to us, and making us think and challenge our basic belief and ways of doing business.

And congratulations to all the Jaya One Business Group members who have attended msot of the lessons. We certainly have learnt a lot, and had reinforced our fellowship through active interaction with each other. Let’s remind ourselves all the time that we are not “cold” and “detached” Buddhists who only care about seeking liberation for ourselves – there are others on the way who also need a supporting hand from us. It’s not how much we can do, but what little thing that we can do to help. I have no doubt that Bro. Tye Kooi’s next four lessons on practicing the four sublime states of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity will take us to a new height in the business world.

Maha Sadhu x 3 again to Bro. Tye Kooi and all members of the Jaya One BG.

Sis Christine Chan
Apr 2010


Hi Master Tye Kooi,

I am indeed overjoyed to note that your innovative 8-fold path program had touched the hearts of many. As Advisor to BBN, I am happy that you have accomplished what many of us (consultant or trainer) have always thought of doing. I am sure your facilitation and sharing of wisdom had made many of them not just knowledgable in the Dhamma, but wiser as a Buddhist businessman ( and women of coz!).

Maha sadhu to you and BBN look forward to your bigger contribution in the future.
Bro Tan Huat Chye
BBN Advisor
Apr 2010

“DQPS is a MIND SPA every month. It’s PROVOKING & always get us thinking, reflect and realign our path to be a GOOD AND HAPPY BEING.
Bro Khor Song Joo, Executive Director, Tools Depot Sdn Bhd.
July 2010
Bro Benny Ng, Team Agency, AIA. July 2010
“For a person who did not attend many courses, I AM AMAZED that I do find this course VERY INSPIRING, EDUCATIONAL, & SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED WITH POSITIVE ENERGY & UNDERSTANDING for my business endeavours.”
Bro Richard Moo, Director, DIscover Global Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd. July 2010
“Bro TK is able to ADD INTERESTING IDEAS to BUDDHISM, make learning FUN while sharing his STRONG BELIEF in Buddhism.”
Sis How Seoh Ling, Senior Manager, Prudential Fund Manager. July 2010
” I WISH I HAD ATTENDED THE EARLIER MODULES. It is very ENCOURAGING to note that the problems each Buddhist faces in business is actually very similar to the ones in life. The oppprtunity to share & relearn and put into practice what we learn in Dharma is GREAT.”
Sis Alice Chow, Director, First Lead Consultants Sdn Bhd. July 2010
“Tye Kooi’s SINCERITY, ENTHUSIASM & ENERGY is INFECTIOUS. A VERY IMPACTFUL TRAINER. One doesn’t feel he is being taught but rather one feels that he is SELF-LEARNING as TK makes us realize the lesson ourselves.”
Bro Lim Cheng Jeen, GM, Offshore -CPI Supply S/B. July 2010
Sis Christine Chan, Self-Employed. July 2010
“Bro Tye Kooi INSPIRES us to practise Buddhist values in business and that IT IS NOT A LONELY JOURNEY as we have BBN buddies.”
Sis Chai Wen Lee. July 2010
“A MUST-ATTEND COURSE for any business entrepreneurs who want to apply Buddhist values in the real business world.”
Bro Tang Choong Ming. July 2010
“A FIRST of such course NEVER BEFORE DONE, I believe. Very inspirational to realize that the Noble Eightfold Paths cauld be so SUCCESSFULLY PRESENTED in MANAGEMENT TRAINING incorporating the business practices.”
BroTeoh Eng Ho, Director, Spanesi Malaysia Sdn Bhd. July 2010
Bro Lee Eh Sin, Director, Les Resources S/B. July 2010
“FIRST OF ITS KIND and relevant to the needs of our time.”
Bro Loi Hui Kong, Director, Inocrest S/B. July 2010
“RIGHTEOUS COURSE LEADER WHO WALKS HIS TALK. You should experience this course by attending all the modules to be PERFECTLY EFFECTIVE.”
Bro Albert Tan, CEO, TechnoKids Learning Center S/B. July 2010
“CONGRATULATIONS to Bro Tye Kooi for his WELL-WRITTEN PROGRAMME on conducting business with Buddhist values. A lot of efforts been put in and I SINCERELY APPRECIATE that. I will always remember Bro Tk who said that LIES HAVE NO COLOUR. By always keeping to this precept, it will DEFINATELY BENEFIT me more that anybody else.”
Sis Anita Ng, Public Mutual Bhd. July 2010